Fall 2018

Mother Mindfulness Program

Empowering Motherhood Through Mindfulness and Community

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Reclaim Your Brilliance

80% of moms experience the baby blues. Let’s change the story.

You know the saying "It takes a village to raise a child"? Well it actually does! But when we are living in a village-less society, being a mother can feel rewarding yet oh so challenging at the same time. This program exists to empower you as a mother.

This program is

  • A way to reconnect with your confidence, maternal power and value yourself in doing one of the most important jobs on the planet

  • An opportunity to learn mindfulness tools to create real tangible shifts which will enable you to experience motherhood as one of the most transformative times in your life

  • A place to share your challenges and celebrate your wins without judgement

  • A chance to create deeply connected relationships in a nurturing community of mothers

This program is for you mama!


Be Heard and Held

Over the course of 8 weeks you will learn tools to overcome loneliness & isolation and reignite your love for (and confidence in) yourself.

We will explore topics like: mom guilt, being more than "just" a mom, bouncing "forward", and identity.

At the end of 8 weeks you will

  • Recognize your negative self-talk and mother with confidence

  • Create an identity rooted in value, an expanded version of the old you

  • Recognize when mom guilt isn't serving you, and knowing how to move out of it.

You will also be empowered to

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment in your day-to-day (or night-to-night)

  • Create a village and commitment to self-care

  • Honour and value your voice and needs at home or at work.

This program will give you all of the tools you need to face (and successfully overcome) the emotional, societal and mental challenges and fall in love with yourself and motherhood.


Thrive Through Community

Despite how it often feels, motherhood is not a solo journey.

By committing to this program you’re not just signing up for a course, you’re also joining a community and a movement of mothers.

  • It’s a place to be authentic and vulnerable without the fear of judgement.

  • It’s a safe space to share real-talk with other mothers that goes beyond surface level chit chat.

  • It’s a support system filled with compassion and empathy.

  • It’s your mama TRIBE.

Over the course of 8 weeks you will listen to and share experiences with other mothers – many of whom share similar highs and lows to your own.

It might feel hard at first—sharing your deepest struggles/secrets can feel uncomfortable—but I promise you: it will be the biggest relief when you learn that...

  • You are not the only one going through this

  • You are understood

  • You can do something about it.


Program Details


Start Date: Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Finish Date: Tuesday November 13th, 2018


  1. Intro & the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

  2. Pt 1: Identity- am I "JUST" a mom?

  3. Pt 2: Creating an Empowered Identity

  4. Working Through Mom Guilt

  5. Self Care & Building your Village

  6. Feeling Accomplished

  7. Resiliency Through Challenge

  8. Acknowledgement: Honouring the world's most important job


  • Cost: $7 / day ($399) Total Value: $2100

    • PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN: Just like birth, we value empowered choice. As a gesture of generosity and accessibility choose an option that works for you:

      • $7 / day ($399)

      • $6 / day ($349)

      • $5 / day ($299)

      • $4 / day ($249)

    • Feeling guilty about spending on yourself? Watch this 5 min video on why investing in you, is an investment in your children 

    • Want to experience a taste of the program? Watch this free replay of a recent Motherhood Circle (1 hr)

    • Registration closes September 24th

Who it's for

  • Any human who identifies as a “mother” to their child (LGBTQ+, people of colour, adopted moms welcome)

  • New moms, moms of many, stay-at-home moms, single moms, working moms

  • Stages: infants, toddlers, or young children

  • Those who are in need of and committed to self-care

  • Those willing to be brave and share their vulnerable stories

  • Those who want to form deeply connected relationships with other mothers

  • Those looking for a community that listens with compassion and empathy

Get the support that you need.


Your Kids Win When You Win

Have trouble spending on you?

Watch this 5 min video on Mom Guilt x Money.


Program Structure

8 x Weekly Online Live Webinars (1 hr) *Value: $1600

  • When: Every Tuesday 12 pm or 8 pm PST (pick one only) 

  • Your chance to empower someone to have you be kid-free for one hour as your SELF-CARE!

  • *Recording will be available

8 x Weekly In-Person Motherhood Circles (1 hr) *Value: $320

  • What: Deepen the work in small, intimate group discussions

  • Who: 3 - 6 people + babies welcome!

  • When: coordinated to suit everyone's schedule

  • Where: in your local neighbourhood (if you aren't located close to anybody in the program you will meet in small groups online)

  • Circle Leaders: Option to lead and facilitate small group discussion (20 min / week commitment). No experience required. Opportunity to elevate your leadership and make a difference in your community. This role can be shared and rotated within the group.

8 x Lesson Plans & Worksheets (20 mins) *Value: $180

  • Easily done hands-free or during your small group meet up!  

*Total Value: $2100

*Cost: starting at $249 ($4 a day)



Your Facilitator

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Stephanie Jhala: leadership coach and movement maker

Stephanie Jhala is a multidisciplinary force in the realm of business, social impact and leadership. She brings over a decade of experience in Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sales & Marketing, and Culture.  Pre-baby, she propelled purpose-driven companies with a bold vision to make a difference in the world. Upon becoming a mother, Steph shifted focus to leverage her leadership coaching skills to build a community of empowered mothers

Motherhood whooped her butt. She deeply mourned the loss of her old identity, and felt desperately lonely. When she hit rock bottom, she decided to gather mothers to learn if she was crazy, only to find out that other moms shared her experience.

What started as a personal quest for group therapy, grew into a much bigger mission to empower mothers around the globe. All the Mama Feels was born, and has since blossomed into a deeply connected (and healing) community of mothers. The ultimate vision is to activate maternal power, rise up to positions of leadership, close the gender gap, and restore balance to the planet: boardrooms, governments, oceans and forests.



Steph’s class was a breath of fresh air.

I caught myself starting to feel guilty about leaving my kids at the front door of their school in the rain for 10 minutes before the doors opened. I quickly talked myself out of it on the drive to work, before it ballooned into full-on mom guilt! The fact was they were with friends, wanted to be there, and were dressed for the rain.  There was no reason to feel guilty. But in the past I still would have felt bad about it and would have then walked into work already bogged down with guilt about the morning. But yesterday was different, that single switch of mind set made me more focused, happy and productive when I got to work! It didn't serve me so I let it go and it felt amazing!

~ Brenda


I always thought that there was something wrong with me.

I had these issues or feelings around not being good enough, or wanting to be perfect. But for one of the first times in my life, I realized that I wasn’t the only one that has these thoughts and feelings and it was so empowering!!! Thank you for creating this outlet for mamas!

~ Chelsea



I feel guilty spending money on myself. Should I take this program?

  • Watch this 5 min video on why investing in you, is an investment in your children 

  • This program is all about committing to you and putting you first. Feeling guilty for spending money on yourself (when you "should" be spending it on your child) is a common thing to feel. So this is challenge #1 in honouring you. Do we actually not have the money? Could we grant ourselves permission to deserve spending $7 a day on ourselves for our wellbeing?

  • When you are taken care of, then you can better take care of the others around you. If you are ready to put yourself first so you can show up as the kind of mother you were meant to be, then this program is for you!

  • When you honour your needs: emotional, physical, spiritual, then you get to be the true demonstration for how you want your child or children to honour themselves.


Can I bring my baby to the classes?

  • The in-person Motherhood Circles are designed to include you and your little one! Each group can decide if they want to have it be a kid-free or a bring-your-kid meet-up!

  • The online class is recommended to be kid-free so you can be fully present and get the most out of the program. It will be a chance to empower your village and to allow yourself one full hour of you time.

  • This is intentionally designed so you can practice asking for help, allowing someone else to step in, and honouring some self-care time. Repeat after me: "I deserve this, and I can make this happen". Of course if your child needs to feed (and you are the only one with boobs with milk), do what is best for you and your child.


I'm concerned about the time commitment. How much time do I need to dedicate per week?

  • You need to devote roughly 2 - 3 hours per week to this program

    • The online class is one hour (Two options: 12 pm or 8 pm PST + recording available)

      • Working moms: option to log in during your lunch hour!

    • The in-person Motherhood Circle is one hour (scheduled to work for you)

    • The homework, depending on the week, is meant to be done as 20-minutes of journaling, or integrated in your daily life. So no extra time is required, just a shift in your thoughts or actions!

    • Homework can also be completed during your in-person circles during the discussion.

When will the next Mother Mindfulness Program be?

  • We are focusing on building life-changing, transformational programs to empower mothers. Stephanie is first and foremost a mama, committed to living life, being with her daughter, and stopping to smell the roses. All good things take time and most likely the next program will be live in Spring or Summer 2019. So if this speaks to you, jump in!

I'm interested in being a Circle Leader. What does that entail?

  • Anyone who is taking the program can be a Circle Leader (lead the small in-person group discussions).

  • This role can be rotated and shared, with a new Circle leader each week, for the duration of the 8 week program (no commitments required before the program starts or after the program completes.

  • No prior experience is necessary.

  • Each week the Circle Leader will get an easy to follow written guide (20 mins prep) that will allow themselves to feel empowered in keeping the Circle conversations aligned to and intentional in expanding ourselves in our motherhood journeys.

I don’t experience the baby blues. Is this program for me?

  • Yes! We are building a community that honours everyone’s journeys. Notice if you dampen or hide your wins to protect others from feeling bad. When you give yourself permission to share freely your wins and joys of motherhood, you become the possibility for a new narrative for another mom.

  • Be heard and fully celebrated for how you are showing up in motherhood. When more mothers reclaim an empowered narrative, that is how we can start transforming laws, healthcare, gender gap, workplace discrimination. Be part of the shift.



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